Love Live! Sunshine!! Riko VA Rikako Aida to Make Her Solo Singer Debut This Summer

She also performs the ED song for the spring 2019 TV anime "Senryu girl"


It is confirmed today that 26-year-old voice actress Rikako Aida will make her solo singer debut

as the first artist from and A-Sketch's co-established new label "DMM music/Astro Voice."

After working as an actress for a few years, she started her activities as an anime voice actress in

2014. She is best known as Riko Sakurauchi in the Love Live! Sunshine!! franchise and a member

of its VA unit Aqours.



She is scheduled to release her first EP from the label this summer, and also performs the ED theme 

song "ORDINARY LOVE" for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Masakuni Igarashi's senryu-themed

romance comedy manga, in which she also voices one of its main characters, Koto Otsuki.



Aida posted a short video to announce the news on her official Twitter.


"Hello and good evening, everyone. I am Rikako Aida, the actress. It is decided that I, Aida Rikako will

make debut as a voice actress artist from the DMM music/Astro Voice label. And my first EP is scheduled

to be released this summer, I would be very happy if you can look forward to it as well. In addition, my

new song 'ORDINARY LOVE' is decided to be featured as the ED theme for the TV anime 'Senryu Girl'!

A little part of the song is used in the anime's latest PV, so please check it out. Along with the anime, I

hope you will enjoy the song, too. I really appreciate for your continued support. Bye bye!"



"Senryu Girl" latest PV featuring "ORDINARY LOVE"



Source: A-SketchRikako Aida Twitter


Copyright A-Sketch All Right Reserved

©Masakuni Igarashi, KODANSHA/Senryu Shoujo Production Committee


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