Inori Minase Takes on 11 Roles in Latest SOYJOY Commercial

The new ad marks her second time as the team of mascots


Being able to play a wide variety of roles is a must for any professional voice actor, but how about ten at once? Inori Minase takes on the task—for a second time!—in a new SOYJOY commercial.


The Re:ZERO and Rascal Does Not Deam of Bunnygirl Senpai star first took on the multi-part task back in February, playing multiple mascots for the snack. She also pops in at the end in person. The new ad features Minase in eleven roles, this time talking about SOYJOY's merits as a low-GI food. We also get to hear new voices for the Apple and Peach mascots.



Minase was happy to come back to the multiple roles, and says it was thanks to the many positive comments the first commercial received. She most enjoyed working on the very end, since she got to sit at a professional-looking desk and show off her "OL style." Though she was still nervous about the number of roles involved, she enjoyed coming back to play the SOYJOYs, and said she would be happy to do at least a third installment.


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Source: Anime! Anime!





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