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    Tuesday June 19, 2018
  • The Greatest Hero, All Might

    All Might is heralded as the ultimate hero – and for good reason.

    We know All Might the hero: shining, grinning, proclaiming that all will be okay. We know his title as the symbol of peace. But what really makes All Might worthy of that title? Find out more after the jump!

  • Which Anime Character Would Win the World Cup?

    Fans create their fantasy soccer teams using anime characters

    Last Friday, Crunchyroll celebrated the 2018 FIFA world cup with its own Anime World Cup! Crunchyroll asked fans to form their own fantasy soccer teams using their favorite characters from currently airing anime, and the results were pretty spectacular. Let's take a look at some of our favorite teams that were sent in!

  • Beats and Flow: Discover the Hip Hop Groove in Anime!

    Let's take a look at hip hop’s growing relationship and history with anime!

    Did you know that anime has a close relationship with hip hop and rap? It's not as rare as you may think! Hit the jump to learn about hip hop's and rap's history in anime!

  • The 5 Most Loved and Hated Hair Antennas in Anime

    According to the fans at Anime-Planet

    Anime has a way of separating itself from other forms of media, both in its style and the way certain oddities propogate across the medium. Character quirks like a wayward hair, an angry way of showing love, or a strange obsession dark powers show up pretty often and beg to be made into lists. Anime-Planet has gone one further, categorizing them and letting you vote for the ones you love and hate! Hit the jump to see the top 5 in each area for a fan favorite, hair antenna!

  • Monday June 18, 2018
  • QUIZ: What Kind of Manga Artist Are You?

    Take our quiz and see how you compare to the cast of "Comic Girls"!

    Ever wondered what kind of manga creator you'd be -- or, if you already are one, want to see how you stack up against the leads of Comic Girls? Take our quiz to find out whether you've got more in common with a sweet shoujo artist, a hot-blooded shonen creator, or a fun-loving 4koma artist. Hit the jump to get started!

  • Play Before You Watch: Persona4 the Golden ANIMATION

    Some context might be needed before returning to Inaba

    Persona4 the Golden ANIMATION is not your typical video game adaptation, as it just uses new additions from Persona 4 Golden. For those that want to watch, but haven't played the game, it's going to be tough. Once you have though, what will be waiting for you in these 12 episodes? Hit the jump for more!

  • Last Week in Anime: Shocking Twists

    The best clips from last week's episodes

    We're nearing the end of the season so all the anime are showing their hands, throwing out all their surprise twists as they reveal the true villain to set up the final conflict or just in general do very strange things. Last week saw a lot of surprises, some plot-related and some not, but all worth checking out! Hit the jump for some of the biggest battles of the season!

  • Kyoto Animation's Masterpiece Has Arrived on Crunchyroll!

    Today let's explore the brilliant strengths of Crunchyroll's new acquisition, the transcendent Hyouka!

    From Sound! Euphonium to Nichijou, A Silent Voice to Violet Evergarden, Kyoto Animation have established a sturdy reputation as one of the most impressive anime studios in the industry. Today we're exploring what may well be the greatest show in their entire catalog, as we dive into the inimitable Hyouka!

  • Sunday June 17, 2018
  • The Greatest Dads of Anime

    Happy Father's Day, All Might!

    It's Father's Day and we're celebrating by honoring some of our favorito anime dads and father figures! Biological or role model, major or minor, each of these very good dads have inspired us! Hit the jump below to discover some great anime dads!

  • Saturday June 16, 2018
  • How Two Actors Became Magical Girls

    Brothers and Power Rangers Actors Cosplay Magical Girl Ore and We Have Photos

    How did two brothers who bodybuild and act together end up cosplaying magical girls? Well it all began with a tweet. Let's explore the saga of Yoshi and Peter Sudarso, the Power Rangers stars who cosplayed Magical Girl Ore!

  • Friday June 15, 2018
  • The 6 Most Impressive Pairs of Eyebrows of Anime

    You won't find any plain thin lines on this list of eyebrow glory

    Most anime characters have to content themselves with thin, single lines to express their emotions. But let’s be honest: No real person has one-pixel wide eyebrows. And nor should they! Eyebrows are powerful tools of expression and style, and are sorely underappreciated by most character designers in anime. But there are some characters that clearly take pride in their exceptional eyebrows. Hit the jump to see which ones made our list of best anime eyebrows!

  • An Anime for All the Problem Children Out There!

    "Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they?" is a clever take on the isekai formula

    Sometimes saving a parallel world involves smashing it up a bit first, or at least that's the premise of Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they? – a 2013 TV anime based on the isekai fantasy light novel series and also the subject of this week's "Cruising the Crunchy-Catalog." Hit the jump to join three rebellious teens on a super-powered quest to topple the powers-that-be!

  • Cooking With Anime: Aoi's Stewed Pork Belly

    What's the perfect dish to make for a high-profile couple? Pork belly, apparently.

    Pork belly – we know it in America most commonly as bacon, but as it turns out, you can slowly simmer chunks of the fatty meat in a delicious liquid to make it soft and tender. And then you can feed it to important people and make them cry! Click through to figure out how to make it. 

  • Thursday June 14, 2018
  • ANIME CITY - Shonen Jump Food and Fun at J-World Tokyo!

    Part two of our wild visit to J-World!

    ANIME CITY’s hard-hitting investigative manga-style photo reporting (not really) concludes our look at J-World Tokyo, an amusement park style attraction in Japan devoted to all things Shonen Jump, including some very bizzaro food inspired by the likes of My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Super

  • 7 Anime Characters That Won’t Be in the New Smash Bros. Game but Should Be

    Which of our favorite characters could make a surprising guest character?

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the newly revealed Nintendo Switch crossover fighter, boasts an impressive cast from an unprecedented number of franchises. But if a few anime could squeeze onto the list, which should they be? Hit the jump for more!