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    Thursday June 14, 2018
  • The 6 Most POWERFUL Characters in Anime

    The only ones who can stop the coming catastrophe!

    Of all the superpowered beings in anime, 6 stand head-and-shoulders above all others. So powerful that, together, they can defeat the Organization and save the world from the coming Catastrophe! Hit the jump to discover the 6 most powerful anime characters before it's too late!

  • Monday June 11, 2018
  • Last Week in Anime: Big Battles Edition

    The best clips from last week's episodes

    The week before had the pull back and last week had the punch. All the major shonen are hitting their biggest battles of the season and their studios are cracking open their quality animation for some awesome sequences! These clips are all about swords, guns, fists, jutsu, and horses (real ones)! Hit the jump for some of the biggest battles of the season!

  • Thursday June 7, 2018
  • QUIZ: Discover Your Inner Evil with the My Hero Academia VILLAIN Personality Test!

    Find your villainous alter ego and bring the world of heroes to its knees!

    Do you find the rules to constraining to pursue your happiness? Do you think the heroes everyone else looks up to are frauds? Is your idea of fun causing trouble? You just might be a villain! Hit the jump to take our 100% accurate villain personality test to discover your villainous alter ego and begin your reign of terror!

  • Wednesday June 6, 2018
  • The Origin of Crunchyroll Hime

    Celebrate Hime's birthday with the story of her creation!

    Today is a very special day for Crunchyroll! We're celebrating Crunchyroll Hime's 5th birthday! To commemorate the event we'd like to share with all of you her origin story, from fan contest to today, along with some selected art of our favorite girl! Hit the jump to get the scoop on our very own mascot and best girl!

  • Tuesday June 5, 2018
  • Last Week in Anime: Heating up for the Final Battle!

    The best clips from last week's episodes

    Last week saw a ton of action but that was just the preamble for what's to come. Each episode made it pretty clear it was setting the stage for an even bigger conflict to come in the next few episodes. Whether horse race, regiment de cuisine, or all-out battle, last week was all about getting our blood pumping! Hit the jump to see the scenes that set the stage for this week!

  • Monday June 4, 2018
  • Hitoshi Nanba Went to Prison to Direct Golden Kamuy!

    An interview with Golden Kamuy's director Hitoshi Nanba

    Hitoshi Nanba describes making an anime like cooking and you can't fault him for not doing his best to find the finest ingredients. He took his staff all over Hokkaido to visit the locations of Golden Kamuy and ensure the authenticity of the historical work. The result is something he certainly takes pride in and hopes everyone will enjoy. Hit the jump to see his painstacking work on making sure Golden Kamuy was worthy of its source material!

  • Thursday May 31, 2018
  • The 10 Greatest Power-Ups in Shonen Anime

    The best moments in a genre known for its limit-surpassing transformations

    One of the greatest hallmarks of shonen is power-ups, dramatic moments that act as tectonic shifts in the carefully balanced scales of strength between fighting characters. All are great, but they're not created equal. A good power-up needs to have its moments, but it should also be able to last, contributing meaningfully to the world and the story. Hit the jump to see the greatest power-ups shonen has to offer!

  • Tuesday May 29, 2018
  • Western Movies and Ainu Instruments Were Kenichiro Suehiro's Inspirations for Golden Kamuy's Soundtrack!

    An interview with Golden Kamuy's composer Kenichiro Suehiro

    Kenichiro Suehiro is a relative newcomer to the anime scene but is already collecting an impressive resume, having worked on award winning series like Re:ZERO and Girl's Last Tour, he's been putting up titles this year. Golden Kamuy presented some unique difficulties, but he was up for the challenge! Hit the jump to see how he designed the musical landscape for this unique series!

  • Monday May 21, 2018
  • Shinya Asanuma Dedicated Himself to Learning About Ainu to Make His Designs True to Life!

    An interview with Golden Kamuy's prop designer Shinya Asanuma!

    Shinya Asanuma typically works in science fiction, where desigining props is a matter of imagination, but Golden Kamuy was a nerve-wracking process of ensuring cultural accuracy, where he strove to make the intricate designs of Ainu tools true to life. It was hard work, but rewarding when he finally got it right! Hit the jump for more about his work!

  • Friday May 18, 2018
  • Boruto the Cheater: The New Face of the Chunin Exams

    Stressing over unsportsmanlike behavior is a problem unique to Boruto's generation

    If he were playing fair, Boruto would have failed the exams in the second round, but now Boruto has cheated twice to progress through the Chunin Exams. Faced with a proud father, he's wracked with guilt and beginning to doubt himself over his decision, but Naruto's generation would have done it without batting an eye. Hit the jump to see why Boruto's concern with sportsmanship shows how much the Chunin Exams have changed!

  • Thursday May 17, 2018
  • My Villain Academia: The Vanguard Squad Steals the Spotlight

    The Vanguard introduces opposition every bit as charming as the UA students

    Look out, UA students! The villains are coming for your lives and your spotlight! A new ensemble cast has joined the scene to rival the most loved class in all of anime. They love to hurt people and want to tear down the organization of heroes, but their motivations are eerily close to those of class 1-A. Hit the jump to see how heroes and villains are more similar than you think!

  • Tuesday May 15, 2018
  • The Three Big Faces of Hinamatsuri

    Hinamatsuri is a 3-in-1 comedy with a different flavor to suit everyone's taste

    The anime so nice, they made it thrice. The deceptively named Hinamatsuri divides its time between three female leads who each seem to live in an entirely different genre of comedy. From black as midnight to safe and snuggly, if a bit irreverent, slice of life. No matter you're leanings, you're like to find something to love in this anime. Hit the jump to see how these three worlds exist in one anime!

  • Monday May 14, 2018
  • Koji Watanabe Designed Everything from Pistols to Howitzers for Golden Kamuy!

    An interview with Golden Kamuy's firearm designer Koji Watanabe!

    Firarm design is a balancing act between accurately portraynig real-world weapons and limiting the number of lines to lighten the load on the animation team. Koji Watanabe had his work cut out for him with Golden Komuy, where he had to design some of the weapons from black and white photos! Hit the jump for more!

  • Thursday May 10, 2018
  • Re:ZERO Re:VISITED - Two Years Later

    A look back at the anime phenomenon of 2016

    Two years ago, the strange double premiere of what seemed like just another fantasy isekai started rumblings that soon grew into a massive global following. Re:ZERO was the most watched anime on Crunchyroll that year, transforming into a global phenomenon that's lasted to this day! Hit the jump to look back at the surprise hit that took 2016 by storm!

  • Tuesday May 8, 2018
  • The Greatest Teacher in Anime: Taki-sensei's Tools to Success

    Kitauji's concert band instructor shows his students how to win on their own

    Teachers are so much more than dispensers of knowledge, they're important mentors who can provide you with skills that will not only be able to help you in pursing your education beyond their instruction, but every aspect of your life. Taki-sensei is remarkable not for his musical knowledge, but in how he allows the students to take uncompromising ownership over their own success. Hit the jump for his one easy trick to building a winnig band!